Games That Exist wants to start and continue more conversations about freeware and browser games. Its ambitions are as follows:

  1. Draw compelling freeware titles to the attention of those who might not have encountered them otherwise.
  2. Help ensure the ongoing critical discussion of videogames includes freeware.

Games That Exist does not cover commercial titles but aspires to fuel dialogue relevant to the entire spectrum of videogames. It respects the bounty of wonderful and interesting commercial games but recognizes many writers are already saying illuminating things about said games. Games That Exist strongly believes commercial developers deserve your attention and cash, but it also views freeware as a fascinating space, often dismissed or overlooked.

Alex Pieschel writes Games That Exist. He stumbled across a literature degree at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississsippi. He also records music, tangentially related to gaming through its sparse, 8-bit instrumentation. His sister, Alice, did the header artwork, and her work is also featured here. Still wondering why he would bother to write about freeware? See Why Freeware Games Matter. Now, go forth and strike the earth!